Christian Boarding School FAQ’s

FAQ Q. How long will my child be away from home?
A. Programs range in length from 3 months to 3 years with an average stay being 1 year.

Q. Can I visit my child while he or she is away?
A. Most programs have visitation beginning about 30 days after the child has arrived. Some programs use this for a reward and it may take longer.

Q. How effective are the programs?
A. Most of the programs we work with have 70-80% success rates.

Q. What is considered success?
A. Success is defined as being able to return home and lead a healthy life. Not a perfect life but a healthy, more productive life.

Q. Why are Christian programs less expensive than other programs?
A. Many Christian programs are more interested in helping children than getting rich, therefore they will hold their price down to allow more youth to participate.

Q. How can I know what the core beliefs of a program are?
A. A program should not have any secretive components about it. Everything the child and parent will be required to do should be openly discussed. You should ask if the program uses Christian teachings and if they study the Bible.

Q. Will my child attend school while he or she is away?
A. Yes, academics are a big part of most all programs. In many cases a child will return further along scholastically, than where they would be if they had stayed at home.

Q. Will insurance or the government pay for any of your schools?
A. No, the only financial help we can offer will come in the form of a loan. We can help you find a finance option for most schools. Typical payments are around $200 a month.